I am a short story writer, reader, and traveler based in Berlin, Germany. I have lived in Germany for five years after living in Salt Lake City, Utah for over 30 years. 

My BLOG includes posts on WRITING, READING and TRAVEL. You can go to the individual page which interests you or you can read the blog. Under WRITING are some of my stories which have not been published, as well as the lucky ones which have been published along with where you can find them.

Within the READING pages I post thoughts, recommendations, and critique concerning the books I have read. Most of my reading focuses on international fiction translated into English, but I do find time for an occasional work written in English. My non-fiction reading is generally written in English and focuses on genocide, ethnic cleansing, and other social ills. 

The TRAVEL page includes the traveling I do around the world with my wife, Sarah, and our dog, Ruby. We have been to a great deal of places but there is still so much more to see.