2017 Reading Stats

The year is coming to a close and I am on my last 700 page book. I read 111 books this year, down slightly from the past two years. Ninety-eight of the books were translated into English. I added some new countries, such as Tunisia and Congo, while 8% were from France, 10% from Mexico, 12% from USA (mostly nonfiction), 13% from Spain, and 14% from Norway (my focus for the year). I read one trilogy a month, mostly Scandinavian, and unfortunately neglected short stories. I will remedy this next year. Female authors represented 32% of the total, a bit higher than the publishing total. I did not track gender of translators, but my guess is it is a match between male and female, if not dominated by females (my guess). Overall, a great year of reading. Looking forward to some great reading in 2018.